Hardware Solutions

Most of a typical IT budget is spent on hardware, it is paramount that the correct investment choices are made. We give objective advice to help provide you with the best solution for your budget. We won't stump you with jargon, nor try to sell you something you don't need.

We have forged excellent supplier relationships over the years we've been trading, which helps to ensure we receive preferential pricing and fast delivery. Typical hardware supply would be anything from printers and consumables, digital cameras, interactive whiteboards, projectors, flat screens and other peripherals.

If budget and purchasing restraints mean ordering new PCs is not an option, we can examine your hardware and see if it is possible to upgrade to gain extra performance.


"...This has improved productivity by up to 70%."
Simeon Wasonga – IT Manager, Jhpiego Kenya

"...This has greatly influenced our productivity and users are much more efficient in their day to day activities."
Morgan Liyosi - IT Manager EGPAF, Kenya

 "...Am impressed with the level of competency and professionalism portrayed by your team and your company at large."
Zelalem Bekele - CEO Infosys PLC, Ethiopia


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